A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a cornerstone to an effective security strategy. Building a SOC requires the right tools, right people and most important the right procedures to bring it all together.

The alternate to an outsourced SOC is to go through extensive evaluations of available security tools, evaluate staffing needs, complete extensive tool training, professional services for tool deployment and building of processes to consistently investigate important alarms This process is incredibly time consuming, expensive and takes months, if not years depending on the size of the organization.

Adasta Network can be deployed rapidly providing a SOC within minutes. Adasta Network provides a packaged solution to bring an innovative breach detection platform and expert security resources together in a SOC-as-a-Subscription. This solution is called Managed Detection Response (MDR), which is a turn key service and offer Managed Services.

Cyberattacks continue to worsen, growing in volume, pace, and sophistication. With the SOC services, now our clients don’t have to worry on unknown budget setting for security and enhancement. Today with SOC subscription, the client has clear vision on the expenses which they may need to spend for Cyber Security. Managed Security Services (MSS) offer onsite and remote monitoring and management of security services with real-time monitoring, protection, escalation and response processes.

Services Includes

Many of the managed services
offered include:

Some of the reason why these critical
infrastructure monitoring need to be outsourced :

Why this services need to
managed for your business:

Why Use SOC?

Key Benefit of SOC


Adasta Network Pulse Platform Key Security Features

SOC Methodology


• Gap Analysis of the Customer Environment
• Network Discovery Questionnaire
• Remote access for SIEM sensor install
• Recommendation of Technology Defining of SLA’s


• Network Discovery Collection of host and network based security logs
• Identification of Critical Systems and Privileged Users
• Refinement and tuning of correlation rules according to company policy and needs
• Compliance and Vulnerability Report scheduling
• Availability Monitoring and Alerting
• File Integrity Monitoring


• Stop the bleeding by automated action or client recommendation
• Client recommendation for remediation within defined SLA’s (Critical, High, Medium, and Low)
• Playbook Execution (manual and automated)
• Automated security orchestration (block, lookup, quarantine w/o customer interaction


• Refinement of correlation rules to detect
• or monitor for other current or future com- promises across the network
• Continual recommendations for long term security program and roadmap improvement
• Additional threat-hunting services available-Technology Defining of SLA’s


An effective SOC Operations is much more than SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

A strong SOC services will always ensure a peace of mind for stake holders as the Critical Infrastructure resilience are being managed and monitored 24x7 and threat intelligence at their finder tips.

This is because, the stakeholder will have a comprehensive report on the key alarm that occurred within the month with disposition. On top of that the stake holders will also have the tactical information on top system vulnerabilities and recommendation to remediate together with new industry threats and with security recommendation.

With this controls, the business environment now can be safe and proactive business management process are in place.

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